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Meet Our Team

Sarah Robinson
Dental Hygienist

Sarah Robinson has been a proud member of the York Family Dental team since 2012.  Sarah enjoys patients of all ages but especially caters to those that are fearful or anxious. She works hard to help her patients receive optimum oral health and is committed to making your experience at York Family Dental pleasant and comfortable.

Sarah was born in sunny San Diego, California. When she was 10, her family moved to Wells, Maine, which is where she continues to live to this day with her husband, Danny and her cat, Zoe. The happy couple is expecting their first baby this fall.

Sarah attended Seacoast Christian School in South Berwick and later attended the University of Maine. Sarah’s commitment to excellence and dedication to learning enabled her to become certified to administer local anesthesia and a certified laser periodontal therapist. This assists her in helping her patients achieve the best results from their gum treatment. Sarah is constantly learning by attending classes which keep her up-to-date on the latest techniques and provide top notch care.

When Sarah isn’t working with patients at York Family Dental, she enjoys spending time with friends and family and going to the beach. She also has a love of photography, which will come in handy when she has a new little baby in the house. Sarah also enjoys playing with her cat, and believe it or not, she even toilet trained her. Impressive!

Come by to York Family Dental to meet Sarah and the rest of the friendly team.

Jen Kipp
Dental Assistant

Just as in a medical doctor’s office with nurses and assistants, a dental office can’t run without those wonderful people who spend so much of their time with patients. Dental assistants not only assist the dentist, they assist the patients, forming relationships and working towards the patients’ best dental health possible. York Family Dental is fortunate enough to have Jen Kipp working in the position of dental assistant. She has been a valuable part of the team since 2013.

Jen is originally from Rotterdam, NY where she attended Mohanasen High before moving to York, Maine. Once in Maine, she became a student at York County Community College. With her Radiography license, Jen is an incredibly valuable asset to the team. Jen's favorite moments during the work day are meeting with patients and their families, forging trusting relationships.

Of course, Jen has important interests outside of the office as well. Every year when her birthday rolls around, she shares it with her grandmother and cousin, as well as celebrating her parents’ anniversary. It certainly makes for a busy day. Jen lives in Eliot, ME with her husband and two daughters, ages four and seven. When she isn’t busy with family, Jen likes to discover new restaurants, go to the gym, and indulge in a photography habit.

Get to know Jen, and the rest of the team at York Family Dental. She, and the rest of the staff, are eager to meet and greet you. Call for a consultation and start on the road to improved dental health today.

Rachel Meagher
Patient Coordinator

At York Family Dental, one of the reasons you will feel confident in your care is Rachel Meagher. As the patient coordinator, she is responsible for ensuring each and every visit goes according to plan, and most importantly, that the patient is comfortable with every aspect of their care. Considering Rachel’s favorite part of her job is meeting with patients and forming trusting relationships, you can be sure your care is in good hands. She is also pretty excited about the exceptionally awesome team that makes up the rest of the York Family Dental staff.

Rachel attended Medical Lake High School in WA. Her educational journey took her to Mount Washington College in Portsmouth, NH before she found her current position. Rachel has been a part of the York Family Dental family since 2011, and has spent as many years in the dental field.

It’s not all about office time for Rachel, however. She has plenty of interests and hobbies outside of the dental practice as well. To say she is passionate about books and reading is a tremendous understatement. She once read 85 books in one year and hopes to meet or beat that record again! Rachel appreciates the outdoors and other living creatures as well. She enjoys kayaking, 5 km races as well as making time for volunteering at the NHSPCA. She and her husband, Steve, live in Kittery, ME.

You can meet this dedicated member of the York Family Dental team, as well as the rest of the staff, when you schedule a consultation and get to work on your goal of improved dental health.

Elisa Marhue
Business Manager

At York Family Dental, there is more to take care of than just your teeth and dental maintenance. It takes a strong team devoted to the business end of things to ensure each patient has the best overall experience possible. Since 2013, Elisa Marhue has served as the office’s business manager and it is her job to ensure everything goes as planned, from the inner office workings, to ensuring each patient receives seamless care with no problem on the business end.

Elisa attended Mount Baker Secondary in Cranbrook, BC before attending the University of British Columbia. The business manager at York Family Dental has a unique skill set to bring to her role in the office. Elisa is a board certified Behavior Analyst or BCBA and has experience working with autistic children and others with developmental delays. With her educational and professional experience, Elisa maintains the office tasks and details that keep York Family Dental running smoothly. Elisa says her favorite moments in her job are when patients comment that they love our dental team.

Elisa has special ties to the office as well, being Dr. Marhue's wife. She and Dr. Marhue live in the York community they serve, and spend a great deal of their time raising their twin toddlers. They are also parents to two dogs, Stanley and Hugo. In addition to her family activities, Elisa also enjoys spending her free time in the outdoors birdwatching, hiking, running, and camping. Reading is another one of her treasured pastimes. She also has a continued interest in autism.

Her combined education, experience, and interests all serve to make Elisa a valuable member of the York Family Dental team. She, and the rest of the team, look forward to working with you.

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